“We personally guarantee that if you aren’t completely satisfied with your total service experience from Extreme Clean Dryer Vent Cleaning, we’ll refund your entire cost, plus pay you for your time. You have our word on it.”

Brent Fraizer, Owner

125% Money Back Guarantee

FREE 6 Month Lint Free Waranty

FREE Digital Airflow Analysis

FREE Dryer Vent Safety Inspection

Services and Pricing

Services and Pricing (Calls outside our Service Area – additional $25)

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning – $129

Most homes (call for commercial pricing)
The Extreme Clean Dryer Vent Cleaning system uses a rotary brushing process in conjunction with a high powered negative air vac to scour, suspend and remove all the lint from your dryer vent system.

Our Standard Service Package Includes:                                                                    

  • 5 Star Customer Service

  • $1 Million Dollars in Liability Insurance

  • 125% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • FREE Digital airflow analysis before and after your cleaning

  • FREE Comprehensive 6 Point Dryer Vent Safety Inspection

  • FREE 6 Month Lint Free Warranty

  • Professional cleaning of your entire dryer duct

  • Professional cleaning of your dryer vent transition tube

  • Clean behind, under and around your dryer and remove any lint from the power cord


Roof vent systems – $169

Includes everything in the Standard Service Package

Inspection Camera – $25

Our inspection camera gives us the ability to see obstructions or disconnects in your system, saving time and money compared to opening up a wall. This option is only used when necessary and with Customer approval. Images or video of the inspection are provided at no additional cost.

Dryer Vent Transition Installation – $49 (most homes)


Semi Rigid Transition Tube

Metal dryer vents kits are recommended by every dryer manufacturer. Dryer vent transitions like Dryer Flex are much safer and efficient than foil or plastic transitions and are not easily crushed or kinked. Flexible elbows allow for a smooth transition and placement. 

Dryer Flex

Dryer Flex is the only flexible duct that has zero flame spread and zero smoke developed meaning it withstands fire exposure up to 482 degrees with zero development of smoke or fire.